Joseph Anthony Retreat Spa and Salon

Joseph Anthony Retreat Spa and Salon

I’m a spa whore, I mean who isn’t? Who’s going to turn down a facial, body treatments, and a chance to get rubbed down by a stranger certified in relaxation? The bottom line I’ve been to a ton of spas and salons. With me being all sorts of stressed lately, my skin showed it, my muscles felt it, and I had just been looking dull. I needed some damn Maurya time to get back into my beauty groove. So, it was morphing time at Joseph Anthony Retreat Spa and Salon.

Joseph Anthony has three locations. To write this blog I went to two- I mean it's all for research purposes. 

Location 1- Glen Mills- Or the compound as I like to call it, is a three-floor mecca that offers hair services, wax bar, makeup & nails, body treatments, and facials. So, girl if you’re looking for a place to get a little life makeover/become a new damn person, cha-ching this is it.

The compound was beautiful, mainly because I walked in and saw free cookies... but seriously it’s modern, clean, and they have a LARGE varity of high-tech and traditional services.


1.    Soft Pack Float Suite-I had no idea what the hell this thing was. Not going to lie I was scared. As described online Joseph Anthony retreat spa soft pack float treatments are one hour of pure euphoria, starting with a gentle body exfoliation treatment. Following is a sumptuous wrap treatment and a heavenly float on the soft pack system, in a pressure-free cushion of water. While relaxing, you’ll receive a body scrub, scalp and facial massage, and a light application of cream and oil to your body to calm your mind and soothe your spirit. Was I going to drown? First, you are scrubbed down, lotioned up, and then wrapped like a taco into these “sheets”. Then plop- you’re dropped into a tank of water and you well... float. I imagined this is what it would be like to be in a womb again. (HI MOM). My description clearly isn’t as glamorous as the websites but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t odd and unexpectedly AMAZING! At first, I was too nervous to relax, mainly because I was trying to figure out what I was supposed to be doing. Obviously, Maurya just float. So, I did some Namaste breathing, uncontracted my muscles, and let me tell you after float my body felt brand new. My muscles felt relaxed, my nonstop headache from being 26 and figuring out my damn life was gone, and I felt like a newborn soft baby ready to take on the world. It was one of the weirdest treatments I’ve ever had but I highly recommend it for a unique muscle relaxation.

2.    Swedish Massage- CASEY IS MY GIRL! Ok, so every time I get a massage they tell me the same thing. You have a crazy amount of knots, why are your muscles so tight…blah blah blah….I know people I feel it every day. I don’t have an answer. Casey did an amazing job at spending time in my areas of concern, really getting the knots out, and overall it was just great. I like the little things like when they always keep a hand on you when they're moving locations (since my eyes are closed I’m always worried someone murdered them and now I’m about the be murdered- clearly, I’m a panicked person). Her technique was perfect (not going to lie one of the best massages I’ve had), the music was relaxing, the room was clean, and there was a lovely aroma in the air. Nothing unexpected or out of the ordinary for a massage, it was just a hell of a good one.

3.    My treatments were followed by an oil filled foot soak- champagne in hand, and a few minutes of clarity under a blanket in the brine light therapy room (which you will get to enjoy with any spa service). A quick explanation of the brine room- you sit in a lounge chair while color therapy and an ocean like relaxation washes over the room as you relax in front of the brine waterfall.


Location 2- Springfield-. What brought me to this location was the first treatment I will discuss. The spa is connected to a hotel which gives it a homey vibe. It’s not as large as Glen Mills but is still just as clean and modern. Again, I was greeted with cookies and champagne. (Damn Joseph Anthony, you really do know the way to a girl’s heart— single? No, I’m just kidding- sorry Alec). Springdale offers a dry bar, waxing bar, makeup & nails, body treatments, facials, and the reason for my visit…..the Turkish Bath Experience!

1.    My first step into relaxation was the same warm oil foot soak as my first visit.


2.    Turkish Bath (Deluxe Body Experience)- So the room is fancy AF. You enter into a large heated room which is ornately-tiled. Mists of steam fill the room from a Swarovski Crystal Sky...yep the ceiling is Swarovski- I felt like a Greek princess. You can go alone and naked, go with someone else and be naked, or do what I did and go with a friend in our bathing suits. Sooo here’s the gist as I experienced it. They provide you with 5 detoxifying muds of all different exfoliates. You rub them all over your body, sit back in a hot steam, and drink (there are showers of cold water in case you get too hot aka don’t pass out). After a 45 minute steam, rain falls from the ceiling to cool you down and clean you. Did I sing it’s raining men? Quite possibly. Me pretending to be Megara from the Disney movie Hercules, singing raining men was a sight to see. LET me tell you my skin felt unbelievable! The rest of the entire night I kept touching myself….like my belly and legs people. Highly recommended SKIN savor with the cold ass winter upon us.


3.    Signature Facial- I have been in need of a facial for a long time. My pores have been clogged, my skin was dry, I had just not been keeping up with my skincare needs. My service started out by discussing my concerns while a steamer got my little pores ready. I’d love to discuss every step she took but I was too relaxed to remember the exact steps…basically, I got a mask, a pore extraction, and more masks and lotions all specific to my skin issues. It was all personally customized to me! What I loved most, and I haven’t gotten this at every spa, is that while the facial treatments were working their magic on my skin, I got an oil head massage and an arms and chest massage. For days after my skin looked and felt perfect. AMEN my pores were lovely. 


4.    To finish my services, another sit in the brine light therapy room…while sipping water and champagne.

As I’m sure you could have guessed I had an awesome experience during both visits. From the moment you walk in they make sure you are relaxed in every way. The staff is friendly and very accommodating, the facilities are clean and luxurious, and the treatments (thanks to the educated and experienced staff) are what truly gave me multiple reasons to come back. I’ll be booking another visit soon for my mother for her Christmas gift.

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