Honey's Sit 'N Eat

Honey's Sit 'N Eat

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This week's brunch spot was left up to Alec. He's been trying to take me to Honey's Sit 'N Eat for about a year now. Normally the lines too long and the poor kid doesn't want to deal with me once my hangryness kicks in... but I made sure to have a snack before we went. (I mean, you guys pre-eat your meals too right?)

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So brunch, my parents were in town and it's not considered a proper visit unless we eat, so off to Honey's (the South Street location) we went. The wait for a table of 4 was about 40 minutes. Not terrible on a weekend morning in Philly. Thankfully there was a pet shop next door, sooo that's enough of an explanationon what I did during my wait. 

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Honey's gives off a very southern comfort-food classic atmosphere. Imagine a chic old gas station/antique shop that you'd find along a highway in the middle of nowhere, that's the vibe. The place was crowded as expected but it's big enough that you don't feel cramped. There's plenty of tables and plenty of room in between the tables that you aren't enjoying your pancakes on top of a stranger. 

The menu, with one side dedicated to breakfast and the other to lunch, gives you plenty of great options. The Honey Cristo caught my eye- Challah (a traditional Jewish bread, my boyfriend had to explain it to me) french toast stuffed with Lancaster County double smoked ham and swiss cheese, topped with two sunny side up eggs and served with a mixed green salad- yum. Then there was something called a Breakfast Bomb. I mean please, anything food related with the word bomb must be investigated for amazingness. The Bomb consisted of a giant buttermilk pancake stuffed with scrambled eggs and any mornin' meat served with choice of potato- yum again. Oh, and besides the two pages of food options in front of me, there was also a special board. I was happy and stressed out at the same time trying to figure out what to get. The struggle was real.

So blah blah blah we all figure out what to order. My mother and I did the signature shes gets one thing, I get the other, because I want both and can't decide and she's my mother so this is a deal she has to make because I'm her child. Here's the breakdown. I got the Pecan Rasin Chicken Salad Sandwich. My mom got the Black Fig French Toast, on special. My dad got the Eggs Benedict with a side of Biscuits, Sausage, and Gravy. Alec got the Scrambled Eggs With Pastrami and a side of Potato Latke. Meals ordered.

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The hot coffee was a simple and good cup of coffee. My parents loved it so it must be mentioned- just simple and easy coffee. I mean, I'm into the Starbucks fancy sh*t, but I can appreciate a good ole' simple cup of joe now and then. (Congratulations you did it! .... get the reference anyone?)

The Pecan Raisin Chicken Salad Sandwich- It was a good choice (go me). I love...let me repeat love chicken salad. I also enjoy raisins and pecans- so if you're not about any of those items, do not order this. If you are, I strongly suggest it. The chicken was done just right and the amount of mayo to chicken, raisins, and pecans ratio was spot on. The rye bread it came on was very fresh, normally I'm not a rye bread fan but this was good bread, my friends. My side of coleslaw also didn't disappoint. Let's note, randomly I am very picky about coleslaw. I don't know why. I don't eat it that often, but I am very picky about the flavor. I don't know how to make coleslaw or what even goes into it, just some combo of mayo and cabbage...anyway, the Honey's coleslaw was on point.

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Black Fig French Toast-  I need to take a lot of moments and discuss this. GOD. THANK YOU, HONEY'S. THANK YOU. I don't know where to even start. AMAZING CRAVING WORTHY french toast that fell down from heaven on to a diner plate just doesn't do it justice. Another disclaimer- you have to like figs- that's what made it so amazing. the caramelized fig and whipped goat cheese sauce was out of this world. Perfectly sweet and savy. The french toast was done to perfection, not too dense with a nice fluffy texture and a golden brown finish. I would have enjoyed that in itself, but what made this dish something I'd come back for was the sauce. If the thought of this gets your mouth watering... please just go try it. Do yourself the favor because I can't explain how amazing it was.

Scrambled Eggs with Pastrami and a side of Potato Latke- In Alec's words, "It's a staple of any good Jewish breakfast." I'm going to go with he enjoyed it since he ate the entire thing and he wouldn't point anything out about food unless it wasn't up to his standards. The Potato Latke was good, I gave them a try, basically what this Polish girl considers Potato Pancakes. Alec ate his with apple sauce, my dad ate his with sour cream, I obviously used both, duh. So his meal gets a thumbs up. 

Eggs Benedict with a side of Biscuits, Sausage, and Gravy- My father is a very serious breakfast eater. Without telling a long story, let me just sum it up with- he cooks a killer breakfast, always makes me breakfast, and knows food. He knows what good seasoning tastes like, what a good selection of meat tastes like, and the man is very particular. (Sorry, but it had to be said to fully appreciate his review.) He said it was a good breakfast. Just basic. His eggs benny were a little over done and sadly when it came to the biscuits, he was unimpressed. Everyone at the table had to agree after trying. Honey's pushes Lancaster meat but the sausage tasted like it was out of the box. (And I can say that because I'm from the Lancaster area and from a meat expert family.) The biscuits were just biscuits and the gravy, nothing noteworthy. I didn't want a second bite, which is rare.

So, was Honey's the bee's knees? It's a great Philly spot when it comes to comfort-food options. Big enough to enjoy your morning meal and feel relaxed. It's good food, I would go again over the next few months, but I can't say the wait is worth it to be craving it regularly and the only thing that would push me to revisit within the next few months is that damn Black Fig French Toast. All in all, it's one of the better Philly brunch spots to fill your belly.


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