The Bakeshop on Twentieth

The Bakeshop on Twentieth

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Sunday morning in the City of Brotherly Love obviously calls for brunch. Cute little bakery on the corner obviously calls for Maurya. The Bakeshop on Twentieth has caught my eye a few times on my walks to the gym (seriously that’s a sad time to notice a cookie in a window). So, when Sunday morning rolled around it was time to officially enter and eat at the bakery I had stalked on Instagram and in real life.

The Bakeshop is open seven days a week, located in the lovely neighborhood of Rittenhouse Square. I am a huge fan of small quaint spaces that are cramped but cozy, which is exactly what the bakery offers. Small storefront, 2 little tables, wooden furnishings, odd items here and there, and a display full of freshly baked items I had to control myself not to attack.

The actual breakfast items are limited, which was fine by me, I don’t need a million options that early. I opted for the avocado toast special and my boyfriend went with a breakfast sandwich. An iced coffee to accompany my food was a given. Let's start...

We decided to eat there. Okay, my mistake, it’s Philly and it’s a Sunday morning, I knew it would be busy, but let me tell you the place was packed. Good for them honestly, with so many options in Philly a constant line like that must mean they have something good going on. 

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We grabbed a seat at one of the small tables. Clearly we, and the couple next to us were out of our minds to think this was a relaxing environment to sit and enjoy brunch. Customers came, went, waited, people yelled to others what they wanted, and the whole scene...was just busy. Luckily there were a few tables outside and one was available to rescue us.

The food….the avocado toast special was good, nothing mind blowing, just a staple basic girls brunch pick- whole grain bread, avocado, tomato, feta and a fried egg on top (siracha optional = I passed on that). Alec, (boyfriend or person I drag around to eat with me...whatever works) went for the turkey bacon, egg, and cheese on an english muffin. In his small explanation, "it was good, the sandwich could have been bigger." He's a little foodie also, so if something is good to him, it's a solid choice.

My taste buds conclude The Bakeshop on Twentieth is an average breakfast spot for standard brunch items. But this is a bakery after all, so I had to try some desserts to see if these Instagram photos lived up to all the hype.

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Let’s just flat-out say it, there were sooo many amazing options. Campfire cookies (like how dare they make something so amazing with marshmallow, chocolate, graham crackers), fudge brownies, and Babka just to name a few. After asking Alec what I should get 400 times, him being no help, and me feeling like it wasn't ok to eat two bakery items by myself before noon- I went with the Nutella chocolate chip muffin. This choice was basically consumer influence since during our wait in line I overheard two people order this muffin and then rave about it for 5 minutes, so damn I just had to taste it for myself.

It DID NOT disappoint. It was AMAZING! Even typing this right now I honestly just can’t even with how amazing it was. A perfectly soft and fluffy inside filled with melted chocolate chips and Nutella that was still warm, complete with a crispy sugary top. I’m going to say it’s top 10 best muffins I’ve ever eaten, not just for its ingredients but for its texture. How many times do you get a muffin that fresh? Still warm? Nutella still melting? Not very often. We all know that amazing crunch you get when muffins are baked for the perfect amount of time and browned just right. It's what dreams are made of (well mine at least). A round of applause for that muffin and for the beautiful people that made it. Thank you.

What it comes down to, if you’re looking for a fast brunch bite, it’s a solid spot. Looking for an amazing breakfast, probably not my first choice. Looking for a place with traditional baked goods and desserts…JACKPOT. This is a place that kills it at muffins, pastries, cookies…kills. Go, get a baked good, a coffee, and thank me later.

Comment below if you’ve ever been to The Bakery on Twentieth. What are your favorite items?!  

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