Common Wealth Old City

Common Wealth Old City

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Oh, it’s a week that I love here in Philadelphia….restaurant week! Twice a year this beautiful city graces us with CCD Restaurant Week. Participating restaurants across Center City offer three-course dinners for only $35 per person. In addition, many will also offer a three-course lunch for $20. 

So, as usual, my hungry a**  was quick to search who was participating and what menu items they were offering. I always try to go somewhere new during restaurant week, ya know, mix it without further ado my selection...Common Wealth in Old City. 

This place was already on my list of restaurants to visit (I walked by one time and it looked cute so obviously onto the list it went). But what sold me on making it my restaurant week selection was their restaurant week menu. Reservation booked and google calendar invite sent to Alec so he would be aware. 

Common Wealth is located in the historic district of Old City and is open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner offering indoor and outdoor seating. Pulled from their website, “Executive Chef Joseph Battista and his team focus on local, fresh, and sustainable products to ensure only the highest level of quality in every dish. The bar features seasonal cocktails, 13 rotating drafts, an extensive beer list, and an ever-evolving wine selection.” What that means to me is…yummy food, time to drink, cute date spot. 


It didn’t disappoint in any of those areas. Let’s just state the obvious, it’s a super cute place (girls will love it type place). Adorable double opening front windows, lights hanging from the ceiling and trees, vine walls, and just little adorable details. Best way to put it, it’s upscale eating in a comfortable atmosphere. The indoor decor didn’t exactly do it for me, but the outside patio stole my heart when it came to atmosphere and vibe (oh and photos).

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Food time!  For restaurant week, there were 4 first course options, 4 second course options, 5 third course options, and 1 dessert. (please Common Wealth add another dessert)

Maurya’s Choices-
Glass of red wine
Seared Scallops- sweet corn hoecakes, collards, brandied apple-bacon cream sauce
Roasted Carrot & Beet Salad- herb roasted baby carrots, baby arugula, pistachios, cottage cheese with red beets. Marinated in a tart cheer green tea- orange juice reeducation (Jesus, could that be any longer)
Shellfish & Grits- seared shrimp and scallops, lobster etouffee, poblano cheddar grits (yes, I got scallops twice, let me live)
Ricotta Doughnuts- Kahlua crème anglaise, melba

Alec’s Choices-
Crushpuppies- crawfish-infused hush puppies, creole remoulade, greens
She-Crab Soup- flying fish row, blue crab, hard-boiled egg
Bulleit and Peach Pork Loin- grilled & sliced pork loin, mashed sweet potatoes, roasted asparagus, peach-bourbon bbq
Ricotta Doughnuts- Kahlua crème anglaise, melba

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It was a lot of food, and let me tell you, a lot of AMAZING food. The day after we ate here I think I told everyone I saw that they need to eat here. It was so damn good people! 

As I would love to discuss every bite of food I tasted because honestly, each bite was amazing and deserves it, that seems slightly aggressive, so here are the highlights. 

The Seared Scallops- YES! Of course, I went seafood and who doesn't love scallops. the combination of the cake and sauce was a perfectly sweet compliment to the scallops.

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She-Crab Soup- UGH. I can only compare it to a traditional crab soup taste but taken to the next level. It wasn’t spicy but the mix of ingredients gave it an amazing range of flavor. A little seaside down south sitting on a dock by the water trip of flavor.

Shellfish and Grits-  God bless grits and good grits at that. This was a heavy dish but worth the weight gain. It had a little kick to it but the cheddar grits balanced it out. 

Ricotta Doughnuts- Guys….GUYYSSS ok stop, I love ricotta and I love doughnuts. Love like those are on my life of top ten things I love. So together…you don’t even understand how excited I was. These were so good. Warm soft sugary doughnuts with a sweet raspberry and creamy rich sauce that provided a touch of tartness. A must have if you ever visit Common Wealth. Get two orders, seriously just get two. 

Side Note- our waiter was kick ass!

Common Wealth is now a new favorite. Every single thing we ate was great and most importantly memorable. They were all dishes I would go back for and recommend to friends and annoyingly talk about. The staff was super friendly. My glass was refilled constantly and they did the perfect amount of table check so that we were never left hanging. The atmosphere is an adorable date spot day or night. I recommend giving this place a visit when you can sit outside on the patio, under the lights, enjoying dusk with a glass of wine, and a belly ready to fill. 

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